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Grasping the complexity and making it simple is what we excel at.

Nowadays, law is not only a system of written and unwritten rules, divided into several sectors. It appears to be always more inextricably bound up with technical specifications, whose understanding and comprehension is essential for practitioners when providing legal consults and judicial assistance.

When dealing with the tasks given, in order to understand the law, the knowledge of the pertinent market is nowadays mandatory: to grasp the issues in their real dimension and study cases beyond the formality level is often the key to succeed.

We prepared for this. When it is necessary to best assist our clients, we recur to professionals and operators rooted in the reference markets. Economists, company benchmarks, engineers, urban planners – for instance – constitute a network of on-going endeavours of the Firm able to provide a major added value.

La Rete steams from Economia per il diritto, a department born in 2007 from the gained experience in the field of antitrust and from the confrontation with the regulatory authorities, whose action cannot be appreciated far from its position within the Economic framework.
This methodological intersection between economy and law turned out to be valuable for evaluating the economic and financial implications linked to the administrative decisions and the new Italian and European provisions.

Economia per il diritto was the oversight of all the professional and research activities, headed by Pierluigi Ciocca, economist who from 1969 to 2006 has worked at Banca di Italia, becoming its Deputy General Director in 1995.
Accademic of the Lincei, he is author of several books and articles. Together with Filippo Satta, he is Director of the online magazine ApertaContrada.