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The activity of Satta Romano & Associati is focused on Public Law and its related themes, addressed at 360°.
Over the past years, the Firm was involved in: motorways and infrastructures, procurements and concessionspartnerships, seaports, telecommunications and electronic communications, competition, independent authorities, regulated activities, television, gaming concessions, public companies, State intervention in economy, liberalizations and privatizations, public services and services of general interests, network services, energy, environment, urban planning and landscape, transparency, right to access, privacy and treatment of personal data, pharmaceutical law, health and welfare law, IT services and digitalisation of the proceedings.

In its sectors of expertise, the Firm assists Public Administrations, public and private Economic Operators, as well as private individuals.

Because of the long-time experience in extra-judicial fields, the Firm deals with current issues linked to legislative developments as well as with complex and innovative operations. Moreover the Firm  has supervised the Public Law issues in relevant extraordinary company operations.

As far as it concerns the out-of-court activity, the Firm gains a track record of successes in the several fields of litigation. It has also acted before national, European and international jurisdictions. In particular, it assists clients before Administrative judges, ordinary judges as well as Courts of Auditors and special judges. The Partners of the Firm received prestigious summons in domestic and international arbitration proceedings, as well as before the Court of Justice.

Satta Romano & Associati and its partners Professor Filippo Satta and Anna Romano, are listed in the primary national and international rankings since long time.


Antitrust and protection of fair competition Assistance in Administrative proceedings and judicial litigation
Concessions, pubblic services and regulated activities Energy and natural resources
Independent administrative authorities Landscape and Cultural assets
Privacy and personal data protection
Public Administration
Public-Private Entities and in house companies
Public procurements and public contracts
Revenue and accounting liability
Right to documentary access, transparency
and prevention of corruption
Telecommunications and Mass Media  Urban planning and construction